sleep fairy

Do you have a child who struggles to sleep through the night in their own bed?

Fairies can help !
When fairies visit at night time, they love to see children sleeping soundly in their own beds….

sleep fairy

And one very effective way that fairies encourage a child to sleep through the night in their own bed is with a “Sleep Fairy Reward Chart”.

A “Sleep Fairy Reward Chart” allows your child to collect gold stars for every night they sleep in their own bed and when the chart is full, they receive a special treat “from the fairies”.
Download your FREE “Sleep Fairy Reward Chart” here….

Sleep Fairy Reward Chart

Print out the Chart on A4 White paper. – there is a Pirate or a Princess Chart to choose from. Attach it to the wall next to your child’s fairy door as a surprise “from the fairies”.

Then each night that your child sleeps through the night in their own bed, a gold star sticker is left outside their fairy door as a reward “from the fairies”. (these can be purchased from $2 shops or Supermarkets).

Your child can stick the gold star sticker onto their chart.

Share their enthusiasm and build the excitement as they begin to sleep each night in their own bed each.

Then when all the spaces are filled with gold stars, a special treat is left outside their fairy door “from the fairies”…. This could be a Fairy Note left in their fairy mailbox with a promise of something special; or a little gift.

(Reprint the chart again if required)

We also have a special “Sleep Fairy Letter” to print and leave outside your fairy door “from the fairies”…..

Sleep fairy letter



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