FREE Santa Footprints

FREE Santa Footprints

Create Christmas Magic with this FREE Santa Footprints Stencil.

Just download this FREE Santa Footprints stencil below and using some flour mixed with glitter or Lux Soapflakes, create some magical footprints wherever you like!

PLUS included are cute Reindeer Footprints that you can create outside !

  1. Simply click the link below and print on an A4 White sheet of paper.
  2. Cut around the black lines
  3. Lay the stencil on the floor
  4. Sprinkle with Flour mixed with Glitter (for a sparkly effect) or you can use Lux Soap Flakes for a more “snow like effect”
  5. Carefully lift the stencil and repeat to create multiple footprints
  6. Do the same with the Reindeer Stencil for magical reindeer footprints outside


To print out your FREE Santa Footprints stencil, click this link:  woolworths-santa-reindeer-footprints-stencil

free Santa footprints



CLICK the picture below to watch how to create your Santa & Reindeer Footprints (credit to Woolworths)….

free Santa footprints


(Credit to Woolworths)


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