100 Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Treat Ideas

100 Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Treat Ideas “from the fairies”

HELP! A fairy door has arrived at our home ! Now what?


“My child has a fairy door … what do I do now?”

“What do fairies leave behind to show they have visited”?

“I need ideas for little fairy treats”

The reason a fairy door is such a popular and beautiful gift for a child is because of the magic, wonder and possibility that comes with it.

An opening door to a world of make believe and endless imaginative play is irresistible to a child. And for parents, grandparents, friends etc, it is an effective way to encourage positive behaviour and inspire creative play because you can so easily interact and engage in the magic of it.

The look in your child’s eye when they wake to find that a fairy has visited is priceless – a tiny letter in the mailbox or a little treat on the doorstep brings the biggest smiles!

So, we have put together a HUGE list of ideas that you can keep handy and refer to when a treat from the fairies is needed.


“The Ultimate List of Fairy Treat Ideas”

100 Cheap & Easy Treat Ideas “from the fairies”

This list includes lots of inexpensive, quick and easy ideas for items that you can collect and keep on hand ready for when “the fairies want to leave a treat behind when they visit”.

‘Fairies’ don’t always leave treats, most of the time they come and go secretly but sometimes they like to leave a little note to encourage or a small treat to reward positive behaviour. (for example: when a child is sleeping in their own bed, has given up a pacifier, done their homework, shown nice manners, cleaned their room, been helpful or kind …. or just simply “because”).

So, here it is…. Just click here to download and print our “Ultimate List of Fairy Treat Ideas”


100 Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Treat Ideas from the fairies

Ultimate List of 100 Fairy Treat Ideas


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