back to school countdown

Back to School Fairy Countdown

There is something exciting about counting down to a big event.

It’s even more exciting when the countdown comes with some fairy magic! ENTER our Back to School Fairy Countdown !

Our Chief Fairies have been busy creating this beautiful School Countdown Calendar that will certainly build excitement for those children happy to go back to school. But it will also help those little ones who may be a bit apprehensive and nervous, especially if you have a child who is going to school for the first time.

How Does it Work?

1. Download and Print our FREE Back to School Fairy Countdown calendar … Back to School Fairy Countdown.compressed

back to school fairy countdown


2. Shop for some School Supplies 


3. Starting 7 Days before School Starts, hang the Calendar on the Wall Above your Fairy Door

The Back to School Fairy secretly leaves this Countdown calendar outside your child’s fairy door 7 days before school starts.

back to school fairy countdown


4. Each Day…

Your child colours-in 1 day on the chart

… and then …..


5. Back to School Fairy Treats

To make it even more magical, each night during the countdown week, the “Back to School Fairy” secretly leaves 1 school treat outside their fairy door.

back to school fairy countdown


6. The Big Day

And then on the Day of School, ONE VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE is left !

A Fairy Bouquet of flowers and a Note !

To make the Bouquet: Collect some small flowers like Lavender and Baby’s Breath, with some small leaves and wrap them in a small piece of tissue paper tied with a ribbon.

back to school fairy countdown


To make your Fairy note: Here is our FREE Download to print…

Simply click the below link and print on a sheet of white A4 paper, cut out and include next to the Fairy Bouquet on the morning of school

Back to School Fairy Note

back to school fairy countdown












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