small farm world

Got a plastic container… some Aquarium pebbles and some farm toys ? 

You can make an amazing Small Farm World for your the imaginative one in your home! Here’s how….

“Old MacDonald had a farm, ee i ee i o…” If you’ve got children who love animals and farms – this project is perfect! (thanks and credit to our friends at “Creative Projects for Kids”)

And here are the Supplies you need…

  • Large Plastic Container
  • Toy Farm Set with Animals (Toy Shops, Kmart, Amazon, eBay)
  • Brown aquarium pebbles (or you can even use a couple of packets of dry Lentils !)
  • Green & Yellow aquarium pebbles
  • Blue aquarium pebbles (or colour some rice with blue food colouring)
  • Small Garden Pebbles
  • Farm House Cardboard cut-out (made from printed template on a piece of cardboard)
  • Small wheelbarrow
  • Assorted fairy-sized accessories – vegetables, brooms, rabbits, flowersbucket, Tools, Rake


Cover the bottom of your large plastic container with brown aquarium pebbles OR even dry lentils

Blu-tac the cardboard cut-out of the Barn onto one side of the container (see Template to download and print below)

small farm world


Using some sticks, arrange a corral enclosure for the animals

Using the Green and Yellow pebbles, arrange small patches in the corners for the sheep and lambs

small farm world


Place some small garden pebbles in a circle and fill the centre with small blue pebbles or blue & green dyed dry rice, which is easy to make, to create a tiny pond

small farm world


Again using some sticks or toy farm fence pieces, arrange a pig sty

small farm world


Arrange a wheelbarrow and some vegetables

small farm world


Use some of the yellow pebbles for eggs or you could use some dry corn kernels or yellow chick peas

small farm world


Then decorate the farm with whatever small accessories you like. 

We have available lots of little accessories to decorate your own Small Farm world, such as a Vegetable Crate, Wheelbarrow, Bucket, Rake, and Garden Tools, Chickens, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, a Hose, a Tool Shed and even downloadable Planters which you could make to keep grain, seeds dirt and farm produce in

small farm world

This small farm world and the beautiful photos are from “Creative Projects for kids” – our thanks and credit to them.



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