18 Things from childhood I miss

18 things from Childhood I Miss

I came across an interesting article the other day that got me reminiscing about wonderful things from my childhood.

If you think back to your own childhood, how many can remember long days playing outside, riding bikes, building cubby houses and buying bags of mixed lollies at the local milkbar?

Change is constant but when I look back in my own life, there seems to have been so much change just in a short generation. With all the technology available today, I got to thinking that our children maybe missing out on some great things that we enjoyed and took for granted back then.

How many of these can you relate to?

  1. Being able to run around the neighbourhood, unsupervised and safe


  1. The great outdoors – climbing trees, playing in mud, catching tadpoles, jumping in puddles


  1. Free to play – waking up, putting on yesterday’s clothes, running outside to play with no phone and no deadlines – coming back only when you were hungry or it was dark.


  1. Creating your own fun – the park became the pirates treasure cove; sheets over chairs became the secret cave; bits of fabric in mums sewing box became Barbie’s new wardrobe. It didn’t matter what we didn’t have, our imaginations created fun.


  1. Never had the latest toys and gadgets and didn’t mind


  1. A belief in all things wondrous – Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy – gave a sense of excitement.


  1. A bag full of mixed lollies for just five cents from the local milk bar
  2. 8. Two for 1 cent lollies


  1. “Footy” Ice Creams


  1. “Cobbers”


  1. The Ice Cream Van’s jingle brought a tingle of excitement


  1. Not having a care in the world. When bills, war and political correctness wasn’t even a thought


  1. Christmas was magical


  1. The value of things – $10 felt like a fortune.


  1. Eating dinner at the table with family talking about the day


  1. Not worrying what other people think – wearing pink stripes with red dots wasn’t a problem.


  1. Milk bottles left daily on the porch


  1. The bread delivery man and the smell of fresh bread in his basket


What do you miss most from your childhood?


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