FREE easter bunny footprints template

FREE Easter Bunny Footprints Template

Surprise your child on Easter morning by creating some Easter Bunny Footprints with our FREE Easter Bunny Footprints Template.

It’s almost Easter! Another magical time for children as the Easter Bunny hides chocolate eggs and baskets filled with sweets. But while he is delivering his goodies, he often leaves a trail of little, white footprints behind him.

What a magical touch to add to the Easter excitement by recreating these little footprints which could lead to secretly hidden Easter eggs, or up the hallway or coming out of your child’s fairy door.

easter bunny footprints download

To download our FREE Easter Bunny Footprints Template, simply click here …. Easter Bunny Footprint Template

Easter Bunny Footprints Download

We also have a Video Demo of how easy it is to create your own Easter Bunny Footprints on our YouTube Channel:


Materials Needed: 

  • Easter Bunny Footprint template
  • Scissors
  • Flour
  • Sifter
  • Small bowl (to hold the sifter of flour)


  • Print out the Template
  • Cut out the inside black areas of the footprint template carefully (be careful not to cut through the outside area of the template)
  • Lay the Template on the floor where you’d like to start your bunny footprints
  • Using the sifter, sprinkle a light layer of flour over the cut out areas of the template (Be careful not to sprinkle flour over the edges of the template)
  • Carefully lift the template paper to reveal your first Bunny Footprint.
  • To create the next footprint, place the template diagonally in front of the first one and sprinkle with flour.
  • Repeat this until you have a line of Easter Bunny Footprints.


Happy Easter !



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