ever wondered how big fairy feet are

Ever Wondered How Big Fairy Feet Are?

Have you ever wondered how big fairy feet are?

Well, we have just the thing to find out! All you need is a piece of plain paper and a pencil.

We may have never seen a fairy but there is a way we can see how big they really are by comparing our footprints to theirs.


how big are fairy feet
  • Lay the piece of paper on the floor and stand on it with both feet
  • Using the pencil, ask a grown up to trace around the outline of your feet
  • Leave your paper footprint drawing outside your fairy door with a note, asking your fairy to show you her footprints too.
  • That night your “fairy” will “secretly” trace around her feet on the same piece of paper
  • The next morning, you will truly be able to see how tiny your fairy really is by the size of her little feet.

MUMS…. here is a FREE “Fairy Feet Template” and a “Fairy Note” for you to download and use….

how big are fairy feet how big are fairy feet how big are fairy feet

AND… for an easy & magical way to leave “ACTUAL” Fairy Footprints in “actual” Fairy Dust”…. try our “Fairy Footprints Stencil”

  • Secretly place the Footprints stencil on the floor beside your child’s traced Footprints on Paper
  • Sprinkle some fairy dust over the stencil
  • Carefully lift the stencil off … and voila… “actual sparkly Fairy Footprints !

The next morning, your child will wake to find these magical fairy footprints and can see how big their fairy’s feet really are.



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