fairy tent printable

Fairy Tent Printable

Another creative way to decorate your fairy door and inspire some fairy adventures, is with a Fairy Camping theme and we have designed a free Fairy Tent Printable for the occasion.

Simply download and print it out

We have designed an easy Fairy Tent to print out, then include some accessories like a Grass Mat, Fairy Bush, Flowers, Tools, Bucket, Gum Boots to create a Fairy Great Outdoors.

To make your Fairy tent…


  • Fairy Tent Printable (click the link below)
  • Scissors
  • Wooden Skewer or little stick (approx 15m high)


Download our Fairy Tent Printable

Fairy Tent Template

fairy tent printable

Using your printer, print the Template on white A4 paper

fairy tent printable

Trim the edges of the print out

fairy tent printable

Fold the tent in half

fairy tent printable

Poke the Skewer or stick through the little black hole

fairy tent printable

Add your fairy accessories to finish the look….

fairy tent printable

You could also gather some little pebbles, twigs and an LED Tea Light Candle to make a little Fairy Camp fire !

fairy tent printable


Watch our YouTube Channel for How to Make a Fairy Door Camping theme in a Display Box… using the above Fairy Tent:


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