bird house fairy village

Bird House Fairy Village

Paint a DIY Bird House Fairy Village. Easily make a fairy house from a wooden Bird House kit, in fact create a whole Fairy Village using multiple Bird Houses

Instead of buying a ready-made Fairy House, make and decorate your own easily and inexpensively from a wooden Birdhouse.

You can even create a whole fairy village !

bird house fairy village

Items Needed

  1. Wooden Bird Houses
  2. Craft Paint
  3. Bag of Artificial moss
  4. Decorations e.g. Artificial flowers, acorns, butterflies, fairies.
bird house fairy village


Adjust your Bird House if needed by enlarging the door or window

bird house fairy village

Undercoat and seal your bird house by painting it all white (this will give a much nicer finish when it’s decorated)

bird house fairy village

Using pretty colours, paint over the white to create pretty fairy houses

bird house fairy village bird house fairy village


bird house fairy village

Using the Moss, decorate the roof

bird house fairy village

Using the artificial flowers, butterflies, fairies etc to decorate your fairy house

bird house fairy village

Idea…. these decorated fairy houses would make gorgeous decorations for a fairy party!

Or a fun craft activity for the school holidays


Bunnings currently have a great little birdhouse kit for $14.95 which includes paint….

Spotlight also currently has some

Artificial Moss is currently available at Spotlight


Credit to “At Home with Natalie”

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