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How to Write Fairy Letters. I may be a bit old fashioned with this comment but;

I love receiving hand written letters by ‘snail mail’ in our letterbox.

  • I love the sound of the Postman stopping his motorcycle outside our house and a few seconds later riding away, knowing that this stop means he has put something in our mailbox.


  • I love the feeling of walking to the front gate, opening the letterbox to find an actual handwritten envelope –  not a window faced typed one.


  • I love the anticipation of who it might be from, the warm feeling that this person has taken the time to personally write to me and the pleasure of sitting down to read it.


how to write a fairy letter

And even though so much has changed over the years with emails, social media and text messages; actually receiving a personal, handwritten letter is still super special. 

When was the last time you received anything besides a bill, a window faced enveloped, or catalog in your mailbox? Thanks to the Internet, social media and a variety of apps, rarely do we experience the joy of receiving a physical letter from a friend. An emailed message just doesn’t bring the same excitement.  

Emails are faster and easier to send but there’s something special about finding a handwritten envelope in the letterbox that’s addressed to you personally!

I spent many years of my childhood writing to what we used to call a “Pen Pal; a friend whom I’d never met, who lived overseas and we sent letters to each other for years as we grew up. We shared about our hobbies, our friends, school, pets – our lives – and I was always so excited when I saw her envelope in the letterbox.  

I remember receiving birthday cards in the post, where someone had taken the time to go to the shop and select a special greeting card just for me. They would then write a special message in it and post it to me. So wonderful! And I would always keep them.

Fairy Letters are no different to a child.

Tiny, handwritten notes left outside a fairy door or in their mailbox are treasured! Over the years we have received so many emails and messages from customers describing the reaction of their child when they receive a fairy letter and the positive effect something this simple has had on them. Many times, these tiny pieces of paper are carefully refolded and hidden away to be kept and cherished.

For many children, it is a comfort to receive a Fairy letter. The idea that their fairy could be watching over them whilst they sleep reassures that they are not alone, even if Mummy and Daddy are in the other room. 

Fairy Mail Kit

So How to write fairy letters to your child from the fairies?

Here are 3 simple tips…

  1. Introduce yourself: “Hi, my name is …….. And I love visiting you at night time and seeing you asleep in your bed”
  2. Tell about a favourite thing: “One of my most favourite things is to sit quietly and read”
  3. Always encourage: “I was watching you today and noticed how kind you were”

A little fairy note only needs to be a few words to be effective. The magic is in the personal touch.

It is these thoughts that inspired us to create our amazing “Fairy Mail Kit“. One of biggest selling products is our “Rainbow Fairy Letters“, so we thought we’d create a whole kit that contains a huge assortment of fairy sized letters, notes, cards, stickers and more, all contained in a beautiful wooden keepsake box. This way your child (and “the fairies”) always have plenty on hand to send at any time. 

Fairy Mail Kit in wooden box by opening fairy doors



Chances are…. these tiny handwritten fairy letters might be cherished for years. 

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