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Fairy Tyre Swing

This week we’d like to share how to make a Fairy Tyre Swing for your fairy garden or fairy door.

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Fairy Garden Picnic Table

In this weeks blog, we’ll show you how to make a quick and easy Fairy Garden Picnic Table from popsicle sticks.

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Bird House Fairy Village

Paint a DIY Bird House Fairy Village. Easily make a fairy house from a wooden Bird House kit, in fact create a whole Fairy Village using multiple Bird Houses

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Dinosaur Garden

How to Make a Dinosaur Garden ? If you have a little one who loves dinosaurs, this is the garden for them, complete with dinosaur print outs!

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How to Make a Fairy Garden Pond

How to Make a Fairy Garden Pond, we’ll show you how easy it is ! And your fairies will be lounging around the shores with their fishing rod before you know it.

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How to Make a Fairy Garden Pot Tower

Take your Fairy Garden Pot to the next level – How to make a Fairy Garden Pot Tower !  Supplies Needed Five standard terracotta pots in the following sizes: 14”, 12”, 10”, 8”, and 6” A 12.5” terracotta saucer A bag of potting soil One 3 foot long x ½” round dowel rod (available from…

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