Fairy Names

Looking for the perfect name for your fairy?

We have 200 BEST Fairy Names to inspire you. Choose one or maybe choose two and put them together.

A             fairy names

Adeline,    Alana,   Alexia Rose,
Alexandria,   Amber Lily,   
Amelia Blossom,
Anastasia,   Annalise,   Angelica


fairy namesB

Beautiful,   Bell,   Bella Rose
Berrygold,   Berrywinkle,   Bloom,
Bluebelle,   Bubbles,   Buttercup


fairy namesC

Celeste,   Cherish,   Clementine
Clover,   Coco,   Coconut
Cupcake,   Crumpet,   Crystal


fairy namesD

Daffodil,   Daisy,   Dandelion
Dewdrop,   Diamond,   Dimple
Dixie,   Dove,   Dream


fairy namesE

Ebony,   Ella,   Elsa
Emily Rose,   Emerald,   Esther
Eve,   Evelyn,   Evergreen



fairy namesF

Fifi,   Feather,   Fern
Floss,   Fluff,   Flutter
Frangipani,   Freckles,   Fudge




Gardenia,   Galaxy,   Gem
Ginger,   Gizelle,   Glimmer
Glitter,   Glow,   Goldie



fairy namesH

Harlequin,   Harmony,   Hazel
Heartglow,   Heather,   Heart
Holly,   Honeysuckle,   Honeydew




Ice,   Inka,   Iris,   Ivy,  
Jade,   Jasper,   Jellybean,
ewel,   Kiss,   Kiara



fairy namesL

Lace,   Lavender,   Lily
Lizzy,   Lollypop,   Lucy
Lulu,   Luna



fairy namesM

Magenta,   Marigold,   Marshmallow
Meadow,   Melody,   Mia
Midnight,   Mist,   Moon



fairy namesN O

Nettle,   Nixi,   Oak
Ocean,   Olinda,   Olivia
Olive,   Opal



fairy namesP

Peaches,   Pearl,   Pebble
Pepper,   Petal,   Peppermint
Petunia,   Pickles,   Plum



opening fairy doorsR

Rainbow,   Raindrop,   Raisin
Raspberry,   Razzle,   Ripple
Rosebud,   Roxy,   Ruby



fairy namesS

Silverwand,   Sky,   Snowflake,   Songbird
Spring,   Strawberry, Sunbeam
Sunflower,   Sunrise



fairy namesT

Tangles,   Tarragon,   Thimble
Tigerlily,   Tilly,   Tinkle
Tinsel,   Tulip,   Trixy


fairy namesV W

Vanilla,   Velvet,   Vienna
Violet,   Waffles,   Waterlily
Whisper,   Widget,   Willow,   Winter


fairy namesX Y Z

Xyla,   Yasmine
Zara,   Zoe,   Zoom




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